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Executive Director: Wendy-Sue Andrew

Wendy-Sue has spent most of her adult life in the not for profit sector as a volunteer, employee and employer.  She served as President of Community Living Victoria for 11 years and is involved in both local and provincial initiatives including Engagement of Families and Employment for people with disabilities.  Since 2002 Wendy-Sue been Executive Director of Lifetime Networks and has seen its expansion from a small number of families to over 200.  She has an academic background in education and is married with three adult children, one of whom has a developmental disability. The other two work in the disability community.

Finance Director: Carlene Thompson

Carlene has been involved with the support of people with disabilities for 20 years and is currently the President of Community Living Victoria. Prior to joining Lifetime Networks Carlene was the Founder and President of a successful Victoria based business.  She is responsible for the fundraising, and financials of Lifetime Networks.  Carlene is married and has two adult children.


 Networks: Heather Bergink

Heather joined Lifetime Networks in 2013 as the Networks Coordinator.  She has spent the last eight years supporting adults with developmental disabilities and their families in Scotland and elsewhere in Canada.  She received her Master’s Degree in Critical Disability Studies from York University in Toronto.  Heather is originally from the Victoria area and is happy to be back in the city.

Host Agency and Community Support Program: Jamie McCrum

I began working with non-profit organizations as a teenager, which led me to become a Certified Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor for people with disabilities. I have a passion for supporting individuals with disabilities reach their personal goals.

Host Agency and Community Support Program: Mark Sheppard

My name is Mark and I have an undergraduate degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership. I have lots of experience in multiple capacities working with diverse populations. I am very excited to use this opportunity to improve his administrative and leadership skills. I really enjoy being active, gardening.

Being A Citizen Program: Nicki Allan

Nicki is a Program Manager with the Continuing Education ‘ Being A Citizen’ program.  Before joining the Lifetime Networks Team Nicki worked as a Community Support Worker in residential and day programs. Nicki lives in Victoria with her husband Dan and enjoys being outdoors and playing music. In 2012 Nicki ran her first marathon in support of Lifetime Networks.

Being A Citizen Program: Emilie Longtin

I first got involved with Lifetime Networks over three years ago through a volunteer fair at the university. I joined a network supporting an individual and have become increasingly involved ever since! Currently, I coordinate the Friday Social and Girl’s Social sessional programs and am a Community Support Worker. Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to assist in the Being a Citizen program as their summer student, where I gained a passion for Lifetime Networks’ adult education program. On that note, I am excited to announce that I will be taking over for Melissa Broadhurst during her maternity leave in the Being a Citizen program starting this October. I am thrilled to continue my time with Lifetime Networks and look forward to working in this new position.

Employment Facilitator: Lyndsey Wheat

I graduated from VIU in Nanaimo with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and global studies. Born and raised on Vancouver Island,I became a volunteer with Lifetime Networks in January 2015 shortly after moving to Victoria. A few months later, I began working as a CSW and a Job Coach, and later as a job developer. As the employment program has grown, so has my role and I oversee the Employment Program full time. 


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