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“Why don’t I have any friends?”  “What will happen to my child when I pass away?”  “I want unpaid relationships for my adult child.”

“My child deserves a variety of relationships in his life!”

Connecting with people and making friends can be very difficult; in fact sometimes almost impossible! At Lifetime Networks we understand the importance of friendship as being one of the cornerstones to a fulfilling life. Through our Networks we help people with disabilities develop and maintain lasting friendships.

Each Network  is created for a specific individual with focused goals and activities that meet the individual’s needs, interests, and lifestyle.

Once formed, a Network is a group of 3 or 4 friends who spend quality time one on one with the person at the center of the Network. Network friends may go to movies, out for dinner, to a concert, hang out at home…it’s all about the friendship and support. The Networks can last a lifetime and ensure unpaid relationships and true friendships are a reality.

Each Network has a Facilitator to help make sure the friendships are going smoothly and to act as a mentor whenever necessary.

If this sounds right for you give Heather a call (250-477-4112). She will talk with you about your unique Network possibilities.

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