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A Look at Lifetime – Video by Emilie Longtin

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Lunch and Learn

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a non-directive method for helping individuals to make the changes they want but are struggling to enact. Lyndsey and Charlotte had the opportunity to attend a 2 day seminar on MI and look forward to sharing an overview with staff

David Hingsburger Conference Overview

Emilie (Being a Citizen) and Noah (InclusionWorks!) provide a brief summary of the David Hingsburger conference they attended in Campbell River. Topics covered range from the importance of teamwork to embracing and promoting disability in the office.

Educating Students with Down Syndrome

The Being a Citizen Instructors (Mike, Lexe, Justin and Emilie) provide a brief summary from the Greater Victoria Down Syndrome Society conference they attended in the Fall.

Diversity and Inclusion: More than Just a Good Idea

Julie, Lyndsey and Nicole provide a brief summery from the Diversity and Inclusion: More than Just a Good Idea conference presented by Alden Habacon. The 3 key points touched upon are Inclusive Leadership, Communication Differences and Skills and scenarios. Enjoy!

Click here for the associated Handout for this Lunch and Learn

Professional Development & Training

We have amended the Professional Development and Training Policy

The policies can be found here on page 115.

If professional development and training is desired:

  1. Once an employee has identified specific training, they need to complete and submit a Request for Professional Development form (Appendix 27) to their Program Manager for feedback and recommendations or in the case of Program Managers to the Executive Director.
  1. The Program Manager, in conjunction with the Executive Director, is responsible for approving all Lifetime Networks training and funding.
  1. If an employee has received approval for training requiring funding from Lifetime Networks, the employee will be required to complete and sign an Employee Training Reimbursement Agreement (Appendix 41).

If you have questions about the above please contact Frances Lawrence, HR Facilitator at frances@Lnv.ca or 250-477-4112 ext 305.