Message From the Executive Director

As a parent of an adult with a developmental disability, I know first-hand many of the joys and concerns shared with other parents of children with disabilities. That is why I am so committed to the Networks, both formal and informal, that are established through the services of Lifetime Networks. I feel hope and confidence my son will continue to enjoy the lifelong friendships and supports he deserves.

It is wonderful to work in a place with such energy and joy where we know that, daily, folks are more connected and less lonely because of Lifetime Networks. Being part of this family, developing friendships, sharing in the fun and the work is a privilege I am thankful for.

— Wendy-Sue Andrew

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“Its great just knowing that clients have a safe environment that they can enjoy and learn and expand their universe with friends.”

“There is a huge range of services. My family member has benefited hugely from the wide variety, and the way in which his individual needs are met. It is evident that the instructors and facilitators really know him. They support and celebrate his individuality in a warm genuine way.”

“Each year we feel more and more a part of Lifetime Networks. It is an excellent, natural way of connecting. People from Lifetime Networks are never pushy. They let relationships develop naturally.”

“With the changing social environment and needs of clients, Lifetime Networks has responded quickly by changing programs and policy.”

“Friends and family have recommended on the growth in language and social skills they have noticed in my daughter since joining Lifetime Networks.”